Monday, January 3, 2011

The Mystery Jacket

                                         Sweater- It's a mystery
                                                 Shirt- Gap
                                              Jeans- Walmart
                                     Shoes- Kenneth Cole Reaction
                                         Glasses- Entia Barcelona
                                      Necklace- A mystery as well
                                       Lipstick- Clinique: Surprise
I feel like I'm leaning really far forward in this picture, but unfortunately I was in a hurry and all of the others are fuzzy or my eyes are closed. Oops. The vest I'm wearing is super comfy and reversible, and has no identifying tags for me to find out where it came from (My mom gave it to me because it wasn't working in her wardrobe. It seems the things that don't work for her are utter perfection for me! The necklace was also from my mom.) I love how it falls in a perfect a-line and shows just the right amount of the t-shirt I'm  wearing under it to give a slimming effect. 



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Curvaceous Chic: The Mystery Jacket

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The Mystery Jacket