Sunday, January 9, 2011

"Don't just stand there..."

                                                   T-Shirt- Gap
                                                  Vest- Louben
                                                Jeans- Old Navy
                                           Necklace- Groove Stone
                                             Ring- From my mom
                                          Glasses- Etnia Barcelona

This is what I wore yesterday (Saturday), but I never got a chance to finish posting, as I had a very busy evening.  I decided to go with a simple palette of black and shades of purple. It was a great outfit for my day- appropriate for work, but fun enough for the party I was going to that night. On the annoying side, these jeans are the THIRD pair of Rockstar skinnies I have worn since August. Each pair has seemed to last about a month and a half of being worn about 4 times a week before wearing through the thighs (as well as starting to stretch out). Will I ever shop at Old Navy after this? No. I loved the cut and style of them, but I am going to find something similar in better quality.



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Curvaceous Chic: "Don't just stand there..."

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"Don't just stand there..."