Sunday, January 16, 2011

The joys of sale shopping

When I finished work, my mom asked me if I wanted to stop at the Bay Southgate, because they had coats on sale (as well as boots, and everything else imaginable) for up to 80% off. Of course I said yes, because who doesn't love making the perfect find at that kind of price... And of course I found THE jacket. A beautiful green/teal peacoat with a small ruffle at the bottom of the neck by the buttons by Kenneth Cole. I ran over to it and frantically looked at the sizes of the two of them. Sadly, no luck. When I tried it on, it was too small. Heartbreaking...
On the bright side, I did find the perfect purple scarf like I've been looking for!


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Curvaceous Chic: The joys of sale shopping

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The joys of sale shopping