Thursday, February 17, 2011

Curvy in the cold

I got so excited on the weekend with the beautiful spring weather we were getting, and started dreaming about spring outfits, and warmth, and sandals, and dresses.... And then today was the reality check. Yesterday wasn't just a cold day. Today is worse. Which means it definitely ISN'T spring. So, it's back to practical weather-appropriate outfits!

I chose to create this outfit around this black and white patterned tank, the pattern is the perfect balance of eye-catching and flattering for curvy bodies. I am never without a cardigan (well, almost never), so with this weather it is a staple. I chose a deep crimson red to compliment the blue peacoat, as well as add some colour and interest to the black and white fundamentals of this outfit. The jewelry plays on the pieces already present in the outfit- the bracelet plays on the floral print on the top, the ring picks up the blues and greys in the jacket and purse, and the earrings tie it together with their simple silver design. I kept in mind the slippery sidewalks, and opted for flat bottom boots, no-one wants to trip! Lastly, I finished the look with a deep, classic crimson nail polish, and a pair of warm black mittens.

Hope everyone is staying warm!


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Curvaceous Chic: Curvy in the cold

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Curvy in the cold