Saturday, February 5, 2011

A sticky situation

Cardigan- Eileen Fisher
T-Shirt- Gap
Jeans- Walmart
Shoes- Miss Mooz
Pendant- Groove Stone
Glasses- Etnia Barcelona

One thing I hate is when you wear lipgloss and it's windy outside and your hair gets stuck to your lips. As a result, I usually stick to lipstick or tinted lipbalm, unless I know there is NO wind (or when I had long hair and had it pulled back). But today I was unable to find a lip color that worked with the makeup look I was going for, so I asked what the weather was like and was told it was icy, but not windy, and decided to go with a pink lipgloss. However, as I took the bus to work, I discovered that it wasn't icy, but rather very slushy, and it was very windy out.  As I turned and dodged winds I wasn't impressed.  However, it is good justification to go makeup shopping...



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Curvaceous Chic: A sticky situation

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A sticky situation