Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Not fat enough?

This past weekend I had an interesting experience at work, and I still haven't been able to get it off my mind. I work at a plus size clothing boutique, and on Sunday, a lady came in looking for a winter jacket- something warm, longer, and more of a "ski-jacket" style. I showed her our jackets, and when she wasn't able to find anything that fit what she was looking for, I mentioned that a couple years ago I had found a nice jacket in the style she was looking for at Mark's Work Warehouse. She proceeded to say that I was barely plus size, and that she wouldn't find anything large enough there (she wore a 2x).  This left me feeling a little jilted and I felt like she was saying I wasn't "plus sized enough" to do my job.
I wear a size 14 and am often a little too curvy for the regular sizes, but often a bit small for plus sizes. Society seems to put so much pressure on the thin ideal, and often neglects to acknowledge the beauty of curvier women, and so I am used to being told I'm too fat or too curvy. But never have I experienced feeling like I was "too skinny".
Have you ever had an experience like this?


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Curvaceous Chic: Not fat enough?

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Not fat enough?