Monday, October 17, 2011

Feeling Guilty

So despite the fact that at the beginning of every semester I decide that I am going to study and stay on top of my readings and kick some serious academic booty, I seem to continually fall into the same habits. Namely, those that land me in the position of cramming for multiple exams. Considering I'm trying to get into grad school and I KNOW BETTER, I find it kinda pathetic that this is still going on. (Maybe this self-berating post will act as incentive for next time...) Anyway, that and the fact that half of my closet is on my bed and the floor of my bedroom, I haven't been feeling up to the task of blogging, as my fashiony-self seems to have taken a lovely vacation without me.

image via Fashion Gone Rogue

Anyhow, I found this lovely image from Vogue US's November issue, and it reminds me of Ophelia from Hamlet.  Since I'm an English major, that means it's a little bit academic, right?


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Curvaceous Chic: Feeling Guilty

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Feeling Guilty