Monday, May 21, 2012

What I Wear (summer)

I usually don't talk about my own dressing habits very often on the blog these days, but I thought I would switch things up and give you an idea of how I've been dressing lately!

The job I'm at has a really flexible dress code, so I can wear almost anything I want. (Within reason, of course!) For me, this makes getting dressed for work really easy, as I can reach for almost anything in my closet. The little collage above is fairly representative of the major styles in my closet- a mix of structured and casual dresses, a denim jacket and blazers, fun t-shirts and plain tank tops (worn on their own or layered), and a selection of dressier shorts (No denim cutoffs! And I do own a bunch of pants and capris!). As well, I am building a collection of button-up dress shirts in fun patterns! I tend to try and balance what I'm wearing so that if I'm wearing shorts, I'm wearing a dressier shirt with more coverage, or if I am wearing a dress that is more casual, I use strategically chosen accessories to look pulled together and professional. 

I'm a strong believer in accessorization, and I love to create colour stories! For accessories, I have a large collection of pieces to look to, but I am usually wearing either a large cocktail ring or a bracelet, and I love statement necklaces and long pendants. Shoes are also based on what I'm wearing, but my go-to favourites are my classic blue leather heels by Miz Mooz, and I also turn to flats on days I know I'll be on my feet a lot or it will be warm and humid out (I blister easily). On weekdays, I usually use a classic laptop bag that carries everything I need while looking feminine and not too bulky. After work and on weekends, I adore bright fun clutches and small cross-body bags.

For me, I never feel finished without nail polish and fun, bright lipstick. My makeup application is centred around these two things, and is quite minimalistic otherwise. I usually wear light powder foundation, and occasionally mascara, but I almost never wear eyeshadow. 

My other trick for putting together outfits is to lay them out the night before, and plan my lipstick colours, accessories, and consider if I want to change my nail polish. For me, this eliminates stress in the morning, and also gives me a chance to make sure I'm happy with all the colours and styles together.


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Curvaceous Chic: What I Wear (summer)

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What I Wear (summer)