Friday, February 18, 2011

Reading Week is Here!

Hooray! My papers are handed in, and classes are off next week, so now I can relax!
What are you doing for Reading Week?

A Tropical Trip?

Ahhh. Some sand and sun would be a lovely reprieve from this bitter cold! I suggest some vintage-inspired bathing suits, burmuda shorts and tank tops. Add nice sandals and a versatile bag with sunscreen and some light reading, and you're set for a day on the beach or around town. Don't forget some chic sunglasses!

Edmonton's Silver Skate Festival?

Dressing in layers helps beat the cold outdoors, but transitions nicely indoors. Keep things interesting with matching teal mittens, and a purple peacoat. Consider a crossbody purse- holds the essentials, but leaves your hands free for hot chocolate and throwing snowballs at friends. Finish with warm boots, and an adorable vintage clock pendant necklace. A swipe of tinted lip balm goes a long way to protect lips in the cold!

Really Reading?

Although it may seem dull, reading week is also a great time to catch up on reading! A literary t-shirt under a cozy cardigan is great for studying, but with fun accessories makes the outfit appropriate for coffee with friends too! Add a cute backpack for your books and laptop, and prove you can be studious AND fashionable! Cute ankle boots add a bit of vintage, and tie in the Austin feel invoked by the t-shirt. Don't forget your glasses, reading and staring at a computer screen can be hard on your eyes. Keep make-up light, and finish with a coat of teal nail polish, and text, type and read away!

Hope you're all as excited as me!


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Curvaceous Chic: Reading Week is Here!

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Reading Week is Here!