Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back to school!

image via The Sartorialist

Today was my first day of classes, and it was AMAZING! I'm so happy to be back (and as crazy as it sounds, I'm really excited to have homework to do tonight)! I only had two classes today, an English course (Late 20th Century Canadian Texts) and a Human Ecology course (Survey of Historic Dress in the Western World), and both were fantastic. I'm really looking forward to going to my other classes tomorrow, hopefully they will all be equally exciting.
Also, it's been really hot here the past few days, hitting the 30's...Apparently summer happens in September now. But no complaints, it's great to be able to enjoy the start of classes in great weather. My university puts on tons of great outdoor events for Week of Welcome, including concerts (the main one is Dragonette this year,) clubs fair, pancake breakfasts, and the beer gardens. I will readily admit that I have only ever gone to the clubs fair, and that was when I was in my first year during orientation and this year because I was volunteering at a table. (...maybe next year I'll actually go to something....)
*update: The dictionary on her back is actually a bag. Words cannot describe how much I want this bag. I searched online and cannot find this bag. Although I realistically know deep down that it's probably out of my price range right now, I want to know who makes it. Does anyone know?


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Curvaceous Chic: Back to school!

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Back to school!