Thursday, September 1, 2011


Happy Thursday, everyone!

Today has been an absolutely INCREDIBLE day! The highlight of my week (or perhaps even year) was having been given an internship at Parlour Magazine here in Edmonton. This is basically a dream opportunity, and I am so incredibly excited and grateful!

- The internship definitely tops the list!
- Celebratory lipstick purchase. (Actually, this is just my way of justifying it...I would have bought it anyway. But it sounds nice...) Today's lovely lipstick purchase was MAC's new Prince Noir, a lovely dark burgundy-purple that will be a scrumptious delight for autumn. 
- TED talks by Eve Ensler. She is so passionate about what she believes in and does, and her work covers so much more than just The Vagina Monologues (even though the Monologues do have a huge impact on her work). Check them out: TED talks- Eve Ensler
- School starts in a few days! I'm so excited!

- You know how there's the system for choosing colours based on what season you are? Well, growing up I was always an autumn, but now it seems like I'm drifting more into winter. So I'm like, November?
- While wearing something age-appropriate and fun: "What do you think of this, Mom?" My mom: "Good, you don't look like the 30 year-old mother of two for a change...."
- The new Blogger interface. I can't decide if I like it or not. I love the cleanliness and modernity of it, but it's so different! Blogger users: what do you think?


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