Thursday, August 25, 2011

Andrew Bird and Aqua

Happy Thursday everyone! To be honest, however, I only know that today's Thursday, because I know tomorrow's Friday- my sense of the days of the week is quite disconnected and random. Right now, I am rocking out to Andrew Bird (he's pretty darn fabulous!) and enjoying a pot of green tea and some of my favourite blogs.

Awkward things:
- Falling for my best friend's "I just bought a car!" joke. Uhhhhuhm. No WONDER it seemed spontaneous and out of character for him.
- Doing laundry, and having to wear a bra that's too small, because every night I say to myself, "noooo, I'll handwash my bra tomorrow night when I have more initiative..." multiple days in a row, which results in having to wash all of them at the SAME time.
-When people "crunch" down the spines of magazines. Makes me so MAD. Because then the cover never sits flat and there's that weird looking crease on the front cover beside the spine. (And it makes an offensive "crrrriicckkkkkkkch" noise.) Is this just me?

- Andrew Bird
- 758 pages of Vogue's September issue
- Having the perfect outfit planned for work tomorrow.
- Getting ready for school to start
- These recipes (pictured above) for infused water, they look so good! From A Beautiful Mess
- The way I feel when I drink lots of water and tea and eat tons of veggies and lean proteins!



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