Friday, October 5, 2012

22 before 22

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My birthday was in the beginning of August, and I decided that this year I would make a 22 before 22 list- 22 things I wanted to complete before my 22nd birthday. I finally finalized my list after a long process of picking things that I thought would help me grow as a person, academically, personally, and professionally (and have fun).

- Go vegan for at least 2 months
- Get up early to watch a sunrise
- Get organized!
- Graduate from university with my Bachelor of Arts in English
- Apply for NAIT's diploma in Marketing
- Have a spa day and get a massage
-Volunteer at LitFest
- Take a spin class
- Play punk rock bingo
- Have dinner at Corso 32
- Buy myself a nice bottle of wine
- Complete three creative projects
- Go to Interstellar Rodeo
- Go to the Rocky Horror Picture Show
- Buy a lottery ticket
- Attend one event per month that promotes personal and professional networking opportunities
- Try one new recipe/variation on a recipe at least every second week
- See at least one play by the U of A drama program
- Create an effective budgeting system
- Go to a varsity sports game
- Bake a pie from scratch.


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