Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Second Wave

They're called midterms, right? Well, it's no longer mid-term, but I am getting into the second wave of midterms, with papers and assignments due starting Monday. Hooray!

This morning it was incredibly pretty out as I was walking to the bus stop, and I excitedly texted my friend because I was so thrilled that it wasn't cold and there were birds chirping and the sun was shining. Just about an hour later, as I was sitting in a windowless lecture hall, she replies and tells me there's snow. With all the crazy weather fluctuations, I automatically assume she means it's blizzarding out and I start to panic. As I walked outside, I learned that she was actually referencing all of the snow already on the ground outside. Although it was a relief to discover it wasn't snowing out, I have a looming paranoia the weather is going to get cold. So I'm going to avoid any weather forecasts and just think about bright spring colours!

Other exciting news includes that one of Vogue Italia's curvy bloggers has put together a collection of inspiring looks from Paris and Milan fashion week for curvy women, which you can read here. Have you been following the fashion weeks?


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Curvaceous Chic: The Second Wave

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The Second Wave