Sunday, July 10, 2011

Blog Renos!

I have never been a stranger to home renovations, and neither has this blog. I think this is my third redesign in its relatively short lifetime, but it was greatly needed. I hated the cluttered feel the other gave me, so I decided to simplify it completely, and go with a much more streamlined and minimalist aesthetic. This was also carried through to my brand spanking new business cards, because I wanted to have the same colours and fonts carry through from my blog to the cards. Short story long, I am quite satisfied with the new layout!

On other lovely news, I have been on Pinterest for about a week now, and I am IN LOVE! My favourite part is being able to save and organize pictures I find on the internet, and it even saves a link to the original location. For me, this solves on of the problems I've been having lately, I had been finding that I would have a picture I wanted to include in a post, but because I lacked photo credits, couldn't include it. Now I have a way to organize, sort and comment on pictures, be able to clip them directly from websites and blogs, AND keep the address for future reference! A link to my Pinterest page is located here or up near the top of my blog page above my blogroll.

If Pinterest is something that interests you, please leave a comment or send me an email, and I will gladly send you an invite (the site is still invite-only). For further convincing, here's an article from the Blogging Bookshelf on why Pinterest is a great tool for bloggers: How and Why All Bloggers Should Be Using Pinterest.


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Blog Renos!