Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Excitement! Excitement!

Happy January! I hope everyone had an wonderful holiday season!

In the last little while, I have savoured a couple weeks of low commitment scheduling, it was nice to take a break and read some trashy novels, and hang out with my family. That said, I'm actually ridiculously excited about this semester at school! I am taking a bunch of fantastic English courses, and a course on apparel design and construction fundamentals. (And a course about the geology of the solar system, but that's definitely NOT exciting.)

Lately I've been cooking for myself, and in one instance, for a birthday dinner party. I am really loving cooking, and I enjoy the process of meal planning. The bonus is that it's led me to eat much healthier! Yay! I've also been learning how to use the wonderful sewing machine my parents gave me for Christmas, and I love that little baby! So far I've only made a couple of infinity scarves (one for myself, and one for a friend who was coveting mine) but I can't wait to graduate to more complex projects. Here's the link to the DIY I used for the scarf, Brittany uses old flannel pj pants, I just used flannel fabric I found at the store. The next things I have planned are a nicer cover for my machine, and a funky apron for baking and cooking.
Gettin' crafty! 

I'm not really a huge fan of New Year's resolutions, because I think if it's something important, you shouldn't need to wait for a special date to start. However, lately I've been making an effort to be more organized and keep my house cleaner. (OH! and I finally got a new dishwasher. I can't wait to use it for the first time tonight! The one we've had up until this point is about 16-17 years old, and doesn't wash very well.) 

Lastly, some of you may remember a reference I made a LONG time ago about a princess dress I never took off when I was a little girl. Last night, while organizing some boxes, I found a picture of me wearing that dress on Halloween. I think I'm about 4-5 in this picture.

PS. I went and looked at the post that I first mentioned this dress in, and it was my first ever post! Which was on Dec. 22/11. Oops, I guess I missed the one year anniversary of my blog. 


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Excitement! Excitement!