Monday, March 5, 2012

A brief check-in


Happy Monday! I've had a crazy day today, I had a dreadful morning, but after class I had an interview for an incredible internship that I would lovelovelove to get and I think it was pretty awesome! So today was pretty fantastic!

However, I just looked at my calendar, and it is going to be one INSANE month. I have so much on the go, multiple articles for Parlour, and school's nearing to the end of term. Plus I desperately need a haircut before Western Canada Fashion Week, which is coming up super quick! At this rate I'll have to schedule in when I can blink!

Pretty pictures always make the stress go away! I loved the lighting and soft haziness of these images, so I  had to share them. The full editorial and video, available here, is also lovely, so I recommend checking it out. Please note that there is some (tastefully done) female nudity in the rest of the campaign.

images via fashion gone rogue

Published in: WestEast Magazine
Model: Elena Melnik
Photographer: Paul de Luna
Hair: Martin-Christopher Harper
Makeup: Ingeborg


At March 6, 2012 at 5:58 PM , Anonymous marie a la mode said...

I love the lighting too! Gorgeous pictures. I hope you get that internship!


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A brief check-in