Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Monday, Looking Back

Wow! Happy Monday everyone!

I'm still on a rush of excitement from the AMAZING week I had last week! Last week started off with an awesome interview for my dream job and coming home to find out that my beautiful new business cards had arrived. On Wednesday, I got to interview my favourite local designer, Genette Salgado, for an article for Parlour Magazine. Friday rolled around and I started the weekend with the exciting news that I was given my first paid writing gig! Hooray!

I finally picked up my pass for Western Canada Fashion Week, which is coming up so soon, I'm already contemplating outfits. Sadly, it falls right in the week all of my papers are due, so I will only be able to attend some of the days. But for tonight, I am enjoying one of my last easy nights, and am enjoying a chai latte at my favourite cafe (also nice: the super cute barista (baristo?) that I have a crush on is working... Hahah. Is it safe to mix romance and coffee?). I'm excited to be interviewing the duo behind the pop-up restaurant that happened a couple weekends ago for an online piece for Parlour.

Lastly: Spring!

All images via Fashion Gone Rogue


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Curvaceous Chic: Happy Monday, Looking Back

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Happy Monday, Looking Back