Thursday, July 7, 2011

Heat Wave (and Awkward and Awesome Thursday)

I wonder if people outside of Canada realize that our weather isn't just cold. No no. Winter may be painfully and bitterly cold, but summer is equally hot. Lately in Edmonton it seems that the weather has been fluctuating between hot and thunderstormy. Wonderful...

-Plain depressing: being out of town for the All White Affair. I will so be there in spirit...If you are in town July 17, you should check it out! All White Affair
-Don't eat curry chicken noodle soup with a white tank on. The broth may flick at you, and it's hard to get out. 
-Mosquitoes. They suck.

-Lingerie shopping!
-Finding the perfect barely-there lipstick.
-Canada Post is finally off strike, so I should be getting the letter from my friend in Montreal soon. 



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Curvaceous Chic: Heat Wave (and Awkward and Awesome Thursday)

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Heat Wave (and Awkward and Awesome Thursday)