Monday, July 4, 2011

On dressing your age

Image via Advanced Style

I've seen this image pop up around the internet several times now lately, and every time I see it I think two things. A: She looks like one cool lady (and she must be a pretty awesome grandma too!) B: I hope that when I'm her age, that I will look remotely this cool. But (even though I totally love this lady, despite never actually meeting her), the real reason I am posting this picture is because I want to talk about age. Sorta. At least I want to question the relationship that age has with style choices. (If you want to see pictures of more fabulous ladies [and gents] like the one above, check out the blog Advanced Style.) And did I mention I LOVE the turban she is wearing?

My main preoccupation with age and style choices (at least my in my own experiences) is a result of the fact that my mother thinks I dress way too "old" for my age. She thinks this largely because I have a passionate love for blazers. (I also have a burning, raging love for vests and cardigans. And lipstick, lingerie and literature.) Anyways, my love affair for blazers has led me to buy 3 so far this year, my beautiful steel grey Eileen Fisher, my black Louben and my white Anne Klein. Despite loving all of these, I still am tempted to purchase new beauties, like a vibrant fuchsia, a navy sweat-pant-like-material one, and of course you can never go wrong with a trendier fitted one, right? In my mom's opinion, blazers are still a bit too stuffy and old for my age (I'm 20 in August), but I argue that any piece of clothing can be appropriate for every age depending on what you wear with it. 

So, how do these "rules" about what can be worn at certain ages develop? Is there a reason why we expect women to dress according to their age? Why can't older women wear things like shorter skirts? I think in some ways the stigma developed around growing old, both in apparel choices and to an extent the way we classify beauty, are created by these so-called rules. I think women, regardless of their age, should be able to wear whatever they fancy, without feeling they are breaking some rules. 

What do you think about dressing "age-appropriately"? 


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Curvaceous Chic: On dressing your age

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On dressing your age