Saturday, October 29, 2011


Tonight I went out with my best friend and another friend for some early Halloween fun. We chose to keep it simple this year, and we went for early appetizer and drinks and then back to the other friend's apartment to watch I Am Legend and afterwards some really intense Monopoly. Even though we decided not to dress up, I couldn't resist doing SOMETHING, so I opted for these fun eyelashes! (I have an even better pair for Monday!)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Another reason I love autumn

Model: Polina Uagen
Photographer: Emre Guven
Stylist: Hakan Ozturk
Make-up: Hamiyet Akpinar
Hair: Ferit Belli
Images via Fashion Gone Rogue

One of my favourite things about the autumn seasons is fashion editorials. The colours are so rich and saturated, and the images seem so much prettier in my opinion. Plus, autumny editorials pop up in August and continue until about November. Unlike Edmonton's autumn, which usually starts at the end of September and ends in October. A rip-off in my autumn-loving opinion.

Are you dressing up for Halloween? My best friend, his significant other and I decided that with school and midterms, we weren't going to dress up and do anything special, but we are going out for dinner (and maybe watching a scary movie after), and I'm just going to wear some fantastic false eyelashes I  found. Next year....

Monday, October 24, 2011

Get Inspired!

Pantone Fashion Trend Colours Fall 2011  

Lately with midterms, fending off the many flu bugs that come with fall, and the business of day to day life, I have been finding that not only do I not have the time to blog, but I have lost a lot of inspiration. Right now my goal is to regain my usual zest for life, and hopefully tomorrow after class, get my entire wardrobe off of my bed and into my closet again! 

Oh, and aren't this season's colours from Pantone absolutely GORGEOUS? (I love colour so much! I can't even pick a favourite!)

Image via Vogue Curvy

Image via Vogue Curvy
Image via say YES! to hoboken
Image via Sunday Crossbow
Image found on Pinterest

Monday, October 17, 2011

Feeling Guilty

So despite the fact that at the beginning of every semester I decide that I am going to study and stay on top of my readings and kick some serious academic booty, I seem to continually fall into the same habits. Namely, those that land me in the position of cramming for multiple exams. Considering I'm trying to get into grad school and I KNOW BETTER, I find it kinda pathetic that this is still going on. (Maybe this self-berating post will act as incentive for next time...) Anyway, that and the fact that half of my closet is on my bed and the floor of my bedroom, I haven't been feeling up to the task of blogging, as my fashiony-self seems to have taken a lovely vacation without me.

image via Fashion Gone Rogue

Anyhow, I found this lovely image from Vogue US's November issue, and it reminds me of Ophelia from Hamlet.  Since I'm an English major, that means it's a little bit academic, right?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sometimes it's just about being pretty

Regardless of the fact that it is October and this shoot is not even remotely autumnish, I love it too much not to share it. And I couldn't bring myself to not post every picture. It's just so pretty... Ugh. SwoonSwoonSwoon. 

Model: Holly
Photographer: Natalie J Watts
Hair: Dean Andrews
Makeup: Angela Deviatova
Pictures via Fashion Gone Rogue

Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm sick and I just don't care

I always chuckled when I read about people catching the "fashion week flu" but I guess she who laughs first laughs last, because as it turns out, lack of sleep, running from school to fashion shows, and juggling life really does take a lot of energy. Aaannd since the second last day of WCFW, I've been battling a killer  cold. So here's some pretty pictures to look at.

all images via here

Curvaceous Chic: October 2011

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