Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Stanley Carroll- Men's SS12

(Both images provided by Stanley Carroll)

I'm sure it's become very obvious that Stanley Carroll is one of my absolute favourite designers, both for men's and women's wear, so I was so excited when the campaign images for his SS12 mens' collection appeared in my mailbox.

The thing I love the most about Stanley's menswear is its versatility! While some of the pieces push the boundaries of menswear (such as his man-skirts), they're still very wearable. Case in point: My dad is a fan. And let's just say that my dad isn't exactly...fashionable. (I love you, Dad!) Stanley Carroll's menswear is perfect for the man who wants something a bit different,whether it's a dress shirt or a sweat shirt, his pieces are able to fit into any closet. As well, there's something for everybody, regardless of shape. This collection boasts about eight different styles of pants, and many variations of tops, so it's possible to find a piece that truly flatters your shape!

Curious? Good! Stanley Carroll will be hosting one of his pop-up shops, featuring both his men's and women's collections, on Saturday, May 26 from 10-4 at Orange Hall (10335 – 84 Avenue).  Want to know more? Visit his website at www.stanleycarroll.com 

...And I'm LOVING the EuroCup soccer theme of the campaign images!

Monday, May 21, 2012

What I Wear (summer)

I usually don't talk about my own dressing habits very often on the blog these days, but I thought I would switch things up and give you an idea of how I've been dressing lately!

The job I'm at has a really flexible dress code, so I can wear almost anything I want. (Within reason, of course!) For me, this makes getting dressed for work really easy, as I can reach for almost anything in my closet. The little collage above is fairly representative of the major styles in my closet- a mix of structured and casual dresses, a denim jacket and blazers, fun t-shirts and plain tank tops (worn on their own or layered), and a selection of dressier shorts (No denim cutoffs! And I do own a bunch of pants and capris!). As well, I am building a collection of button-up dress shirts in fun patterns! I tend to try and balance what I'm wearing so that if I'm wearing shorts, I'm wearing a dressier shirt with more coverage, or if I am wearing a dress that is more casual, I use strategically chosen accessories to look pulled together and professional. 

I'm a strong believer in accessorization, and I love to create colour stories! For accessories, I have a large collection of pieces to look to, but I am usually wearing either a large cocktail ring or a bracelet, and I love statement necklaces and long pendants. Shoes are also based on what I'm wearing, but my go-to favourites are my classic blue leather heels by Miz Mooz, and I also turn to flats on days I know I'll be on my feet a lot or it will be warm and humid out (I blister easily). On weekdays, I usually use a classic laptop bag that carries everything I need while looking feminine and not too bulky. After work and on weekends, I adore bright fun clutches and small cross-body bags.

For me, I never feel finished without nail polish and fun, bright lipstick. My makeup application is centred around these two things, and is quite minimalistic otherwise. I usually wear light powder foundation, and occasionally mascara, but I almost never wear eyeshadow. 

My other trick for putting together outfits is to lay them out the night before, and plan my lipstick colours, accessories, and consider if I want to change my nail polish. For me, this eliminates stress in the morning, and also gives me a chance to make sure I'm happy with all the colours and styles together.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Maggie Walt Mothers' Day Fashion Show

As I mentioned in my last post, I took my mom to Maggie Walt's Mothers' Day showing of her SS12 collection, which I was crazy excited about.

The show was excellent, using her own basement studio space to put up a smaller, intimate runway. There were no bad seats! As well, I was so pleased to see her lineup of models was incredibly inclusive, including a range of body types, ages, and ethnic backgrounds, even an expectant mother!

As I expected, her collection was excellent! While I usually favour collections that maintain a cohesive theme throughout, I felt the way that Maggie deviated from this was very effective. With an extremely large collection (there were at least 40 looks) intended for her own store, the variety in her collection was definitely a strength. [To explain: I usually like when a smaller designer has a very cohesive collection, because it gives me an idea of how they approach design and what inspires them. For a smaller designer or a high end designer with a very specific customer in mind, this is effective. For a designer that produces garments to fill their own store, like Maggie Walt, it would cut out a large portion of their potential clientele.] While this single collection did not follow a single colour theme or have one single design element/inspiration that linked the pieces, spending time in Maggie Walt's studio gives a clear impression of her design aesthetic and how it manages to cover an entire lifestyle, not just for a collection. With Eastern influences running through her designs, the boutique's decor, her own collection of jewelry, scarves, bags and other accessories, as well as a smattering of items like handmade stationery and soaps, her inspirations were clear and welcoming. Bonus: on June 1-2 she is hosting a series of AMAZING sessions with local businesses to promote holistic wellness (body, mind, and spirit).

The amount of love put into designing and creating these garments is clear. Whether you choose to look at the beautiful embroidered silk jackets and formal dresses, or more casual garments like cotton dresses and pants, the workmanship is evident. The fabrics chosen were perfect for their use, the stitching was immaculate, and the exquisite detailing in embroidery and surface detailing was incredible! Each garment flattered beautifully, and it was clear that the natural movement of the textiles was carefully considered during the design process (for an excellent example, see the mustard dress in the slideshow below). It was nice to see that the designs flattered a wide range of body types and sizing went up to around a 16-18.  (Also, the girls in the shop were incredibly nice and very helpful!)

Whether you are looking for event-wear that is unique and unexpected (from graduations to weddings) or casual wear that flatters and looks great, Maggie Walt has something for almost anyone! I was so pleased with the incredible range of designs she offered, and the pleasant shopping experience. Maggie's boutique is on Jasper Ave, and definitely deserves a visit!

My mom picked out the "Kara" jacket from the SS12 collection being shown as a Mothers' Day gift, and she absolutely adores it!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

An update, and looking ahead.

image via Fashion Gone Rogue

I have a (very busy) exciting week ahead of me! Tomorrow, I'm thrilled to be starting my job at SAGE (Seniors Association of Greater Edmonton) where I will be working a bunch of incredible projects! It also means that I get to spend my weekdays downtown...with the Art Gallery, Stanley Milner Library, and Swish Vintage boutique all within walking distance.

On Sunday, I'm taking my mom to the Maggie Walt spring fashion show, which I am really looking forward to. Walt's designs are always incredible, and I'm interested to see how much will be different from what we saw at WCFW. As well, my mom's birthday is on the 16th, so I'm hoping to do something lovely with her to celebrate that too!

As for the blog, I am very excited to be featuring Georgia Heraty of Social Experiment, so look for that post in the next few days. 

Finally, the image above is from Fashion Magazine, and I have been in love with that Dolce and Gabbana dress since I saw the first images off the runway. It makes me swoon every time.

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