Tuesday, May 31, 2011

So Chaud

Tank- Eileen Fisher
Capris- Le Chateau
Scarf- The Bay
Shoes- Naturalizer
Lipstick- MAC So Chaud

Today I had a dentist appointment before work. Have you ever noticed how you can feel EVERYTHING touching your teeth after a cleaning? Since I knew I was going to have to go straight from the dentist to work, I dressed accordingly, sticking to something comfortable but still work appropriate. I definitely left doing my makeup until after the appointment though, I didn't want orange lipstick all over my face...

Monday, May 30, 2011

"...orange is my least favourite colour..." Or, why my best friend thinks I'm crazy.

My best friend hates the colour orange, and therefore, he hates my new (and in my opinion, rather fabulous) bright coral lipstick (MAC's So Chaud). Pffft, maybe it's a girl thing? But either way, if I could only have two types of makeup for the rest of my life, I would happily pick foundation (I love MAC's Studio Fix powder) and lipstick. My passion for lipstick runs long and deep, I love that it's relatively easy to apply, and I can wear a lovely bold lip colour and a swipe of mascara, and no one's the wiser that I did my makeup in about 3 minutes flat.
Image via The Sartorialist

Image via You Are My Favorite

Image via TAAZ

Image via Fashion Anyway


My co-workers have become accustomed to my love affair with lipstick, and they have commented several times that I have enviable Clara Bow-esque lips. Although I had to google this reference, I can sorta see it. It's that much cooler knowing that she was a gorgeous and talented film star of the 1920's, one of my favourite eras!
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Saturday, May 28, 2011


Image via One Sweet Lemon
Image via One Sweet Lemon

Image via YYC Fashion Trend Review

Image via Style In Clover
Image via Harper's Bazaar

What do all of these pictures have in common? The crossbody bags! I have been looking for an alternative to carrying around one of my huge purses for days I don't feel like carrying the kitchen sink, a pet elephant and a full set of tools, or for going out with friends. My first idea was to get a callet but I haven't seen them in stores, so I thought that I could use a blackberry skin instead. However, I found that this didn't work out because there was not enough excess on the sides for it to stay securely on my phone once I had placed my ID and debit card under it. As I was complaining about this to my mom, she said that I should just use my small crossbody bag. Which I originally dismissed because I thought that I wouldn't want to always have to have a bag, and also because not everything goes with my pink one. Then I realized I was forgetting about needing my keys, and probably wanting to have lipstick, etc, and I realized that maybe just finding a few budget friendly crossbody bags WOULD be a smart investment.

First step...Smaller wallet. I am currently eyeing this one, as I love my current Fossil wallet to bits, and this one looks like it will carry the things I need while still being small enough to fit into smaller bags.

What kinds of bags do you like to carry? And what are the essentials you carry with you?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Fatigue

Cardigan- Eileen Fisher
Tank- Eileen Fisher
Skirt- Old Navy
Sandals- Montego Bay Club
Glasses- Etnia Barcelona
Lipstick- MAC Taupe

Loooong day. I'm quite tired today, and am contemplating an early night because I work tomorrow, and Saturdays are usually busy. But on the brightside, this is the debut of my new haircut! I went shorter with more layers and a dark (semipermanent) colour. I love it! 


Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Strategies (and my first Awkward and Awesome Thursday)

I have noticed that although I am frequently on Blogger reading through the posts from all of the blogs I follow, I still am not posting as much as I hoped. Upon reflection, I realized that it isn't due to laziness or lack of time, but rather because I can't always reliably get pictures of what I'm wearing. So, I am going to start posting on a wider range of fashion related things, and hopefully blogging more frequently will be less difficult!

-While sitting in a waiting room: Of all the snacks people could choose to eat, he chose chips, one of the noisiest snack foods I can think of. And not only does the bag make loud, annoying crinkle noises, the guy chomps loudly. (I admit that the sounds people make when eating usually irritate me as is).
-Also while in the waiting room: I am clearly focused on my magazine, please don't bother me. I don't want to chat about the weather, people's perfume, or whether or not my hair is naturally curly (and yes, it is). Sorry if this makes me seem snobby, I just don't like randomly talking to people I don't know.

-New haircuts! Yay!
-Going for Indian food, and then attending a play with my best friend.
-New lipstick
- (Also awkward, depending how you look at it) Going to Elephant and Castle Pub to play pool with friends, and noticing that there is a guy sitting at a table, all alone, drinking a beer and reading a book from the Massey Lecture Series. On a Saturday.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Fourth Time's a Charm

Dress- Karen Kane
Blazer- Anne Klein
Belt- formerly my mother's
Shoes- Naturalizer
Earrings- formerly my mother's
Rings- Fossil
Glasses- Izumi
Lipstick- MAC Taupe

It took me four changes to decide on something I was happy with wearing today! However, once I settled on this, I was quite content with it, and went off to work. Which, being a statutory holiday today, was very very quiet. Which has benefits and disadvantages. The weather is quite overcast and rainy in Edmonton right now and even though this was sorta nice for taking this pictures (no squinty eyes and wonky lighting), the precipitation would be much better used up north where all the fires are. 


Sunday, May 15, 2011

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Or, in Edmonton's case, April snowfalls bring May flowers? Either way, I'm thrilled to see green grass, leaves and flowers again. However, I'm still adjusting to working full time, and it feels like I have no free time ever. Friends have been making comments about the weather, and I'm always like "Really? I had no idea! It sounds like it's so warm out! Too bad about that wind though..."

Blouse- Louben
Tank- Eileen Fisher
Leggings- Diane Kennedy
Shoes- Naturalizer
Glasses- Etnia Barcelona
Lipstick- MAC Girl About Town
Nails- Essie: Turquoise and Caicos


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