Thursday, February 24, 2011

Winter Roadtrip

My best friend suggested a road trip, but I don't know how I'd feel about a winter road trip...A bit cold in my opinion. But all the same, it would be fun, so long as you dressed in comfortable layers. Maybe next year...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wishing I could be...

...Antiquing in July

Sometimes, when I am not feeling happy with what I'm wearing, I turn to my friends to give me an event or situation to plan an outfit for.  Today my friend suggested going antique shopping in a small town and going to a formal tea afterwards. I only wish that's what I did today...

Friday, February 18, 2011

Reading Week is Here!

Hooray! My papers are handed in, and classes are off next week, so now I can relax!
What are you doing for Reading Week?

A Tropical Trip?

Ahhh. Some sand and sun would be a lovely reprieve from this bitter cold! I suggest some vintage-inspired bathing suits, burmuda shorts and tank tops. Add nice sandals and a versatile bag with sunscreen and some light reading, and you're set for a day on the beach or around town. Don't forget some chic sunglasses!

Edmonton's Silver Skate Festival?

Dressing in layers helps beat the cold outdoors, but transitions nicely indoors. Keep things interesting with matching teal mittens, and a purple peacoat. Consider a crossbody purse- holds the essentials, but leaves your hands free for hot chocolate and throwing snowballs at friends. Finish with warm boots, and an adorable vintage clock pendant necklace. A swipe of tinted lip balm goes a long way to protect lips in the cold!

Really Reading?

Although it may seem dull, reading week is also a great time to catch up on reading! A literary t-shirt under a cozy cardigan is great for studying, but with fun accessories makes the outfit appropriate for coffee with friends too! Add a cute backpack for your books and laptop, and prove you can be studious AND fashionable! Cute ankle boots add a bit of vintage, and tie in the Austin feel invoked by the t-shirt. Don't forget your glasses, reading and staring at a computer screen can be hard on your eyes. Keep make-up light, and finish with a coat of teal nail polish, and text, type and read away!

Hope you're all as excited as me!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Curvy in the cold

I got so excited on the weekend with the beautiful spring weather we were getting, and started dreaming about spring outfits, and warmth, and sandals, and dresses.... And then today was the reality check. Yesterday wasn't just a cold day. Today is worse. Which means it definitely ISN'T spring. So, it's back to practical weather-appropriate outfits!

I chose to create this outfit around this black and white patterned tank, the pattern is the perfect balance of eye-catching and flattering for curvy bodies. I am never without a cardigan (well, almost never), so with this weather it is a staple. I chose a deep crimson red to compliment the blue peacoat, as well as add some colour and interest to the black and white fundamentals of this outfit. The jewelry plays on the pieces already present in the outfit- the bracelet plays on the floral print on the top, the ring picks up the blues and greys in the jacket and purse, and the earrings tie it together with their simple silver design. I kept in mind the slippery sidewalks, and opted for flat bottom boots, no-one wants to trip! Lastly, I finished the look with a deep, classic crimson nail polish, and a pair of warm black mittens.

Hope everyone is staying warm!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

If I didn't have papers...

...and it wasn't so cold, I would love to be wearing something like this:

It's the last three days until reading week, and everyone I know is buried under a pile of textbooks, madly studying and writing papers. I have one and a half papers left to finish, and then I can relax. Luckily I don't have any assignments to do over reading week, so I can focus on getting ahead in readings and do extra french grammar practice. And hopefully be reunited with my closet and makeup...we've been forcefully separated, it's been a busy week, and full of throwing on a tee and cardigan, powdering my nose, and (literally) running out the door.  This morning was an extreme example, I got out of the shower with 18 minutes before I had to leave to catch my bus, so madly brushed my teeth and threw on a heathered oatmeal v-neck shirt from the Gap, my rust orange cardigan from Banana Republic, and jeans, filled my dog's water dish, and ran out the door without even looking in the mirror. I didn't even grab my mitts, which ended up being a terrible thing, as I missed my bus, and it was bitterly cold waiting a half hour for the next bus. I think I'm going to put a spare pair of light mittens in my bag! Needless to say, I'm missing spring and summer, and my favourite season, autumn... Anyone else wondering what happened to the beautiful weather we were having in Edmonton on the weekend?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Heather's Date

Monday, February 14, 2011

Recommended Reads

While procrastinating and not completing more academic tasks, I have unearthed some new reads, and am now passing them on!

Most Relevant (currently):

New York Fashion Week coverage!

Body Image:

Les Demoiselles:

Medicinal Marzipan:


Keiko Lynn:

Stylish Curves:

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Paper Time!

Cardigan- Eileen Fisher
Tank- Gap
Jeans- Walmart
Pendant- Groove Stone

Ahhh, English papers! I have three due next week, and only one completed! Which, considering my history of procrastination isn't too bad... I am having fun planning and writing them. The ones I'm working on now are for my American Lit and Ideologies class focusing on post-apocalyptic fiction, and for my Early 20th Century Drama classes.  The one for American Lit is looking at the 1982 film Blade Runner and comparing it to Margaret Atwood's 2003 novel Oryx and Crake and examining the similarities of themes and what they (arguably) tell us about American ideologies. My Drama paper is a proposal for a production of Ibsen's A Doll's House, and I am focusing on the female's costumes! All in all, it's a insanely busy week, but I am super excited for these papers. And after they're done, I can focus on posting more regularly, and with more fashion-related content!


Friday, February 11, 2011

Wish List

Ahhh, midterm season. Probably the most stressful time of term, I think. Although I refuse to wear sweats, I definitely haven't been dressing to my usual standards. Last night as a way to relax, I did some online window-shopping. My verdict: ModCloth needs to open a physical store, and definitely one in Edmonton! I went through the site and managed to make a wish list of the things my heart flutters for. Look at these beauties!

All ModCloth

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A sticky situation

Cardigan- Eileen Fisher
T-Shirt- Gap
Jeans- Walmart
Shoes- Miss Mooz
Pendant- Groove Stone
Glasses- Etnia Barcelona

One thing I hate is when you wear lipgloss and it's windy outside and your hair gets stuck to your lips. As a result, I usually stick to lipstick or tinted lipbalm, unless I know there is NO wind (or when I had long hair and had it pulled back). But today I was unable to find a lip color that worked with the makeup look I was going for, so I asked what the weather was like and was told it was icy, but not windy, and decided to go with a pink lipgloss. However, as I took the bus to work, I discovered that it wasn't icy, but rather very slushy, and it was very windy out.  As I turned and dodged winds I wasn't impressed.  However, it is good justification to go makeup shopping...


Formally Yours

Jacket- Louben
Sequin Tank- Eileen Fisher
Pants- Old Navy
Shoes- Browns
Lipstick- Clinique: Vintage Wine

Last night I went to the Music Students' Winter Formal with my best friend. It was a fun evening, and it was a great opportunity to dress up! I bought this tank at work when I completely fell in love with it, and was biding my time for an opportunity to wear it. Although I was the only girl at the formal in pants, it was still a fun look, and I enjoyed the change from the super feminine dresses I usually go for. 
My friend seemed to have fun playing photographer for me, telling me to sit on tables, and crouching and standing on chairs to find the perfect angle. 


Curvaceous Chic: February 2011

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