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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Looking forward to WCFW

While I'm frequently guilty of using my bed as a closet, this time it was for a reason- planning my outfits for Western Canada Fashion Week! It starts tomorrow night, and I'm very excited to be among the local bloggers who will be covering it. Unfortunately due to school assignments and work, I cannot realistically attend all of the days, but I'm planning on attending the 29th, 31st, 3rd, and 5th. I hope to see you there, and if you see me, feel free to come say hi, I love meeting new people!

If you've thought about going, but haven't made up you're mind, I strongly recommend attending. The line up is fabulous, and includes local, national, and even international designers! Tickets are even available at the door if you decide to come at the last minute! You can check out the schedule here.

On a side note, I briefly lost my keys today, and found out when I tried to unlock my front door after class. Luckily I had a good idea of where they were, because I had my sewing lab today and I keep the key to my station on my keychain and had a feeling I left them there. Finding them in the lab, still hanging from the lock was such a relief- I never really thought about how much I rely on my keys until I lost them. From now on, I'll be keeping my bags MUCH more organized.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

so very excited!

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Happy Wednesday!

Two pieces of super-exciting news!

1) I got my first paid writing job! I'm so excited about this, partly because it's an incredible opportunity, and partly because it's such a boost in my confidence that people are willing to pay me to write stuff for them! I'm so very grateful for this opportunity, especially since I'm still in university, it will be an incredible thing to add to my portfolio and an incredible learning experience.

2) I am excited to announce that I am one of the bloggers who will be providing official coverage of Western Canada Fashion Week! Unfortunately I won't be able to attend all the days, but I will be attending four of them. Watch for more news about that!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Monday, Looking Back

Wow! Happy Monday everyone!

I'm still on a rush of excitement from the AMAZING week I had last week! Last week started off with an awesome interview for my dream job and coming home to find out that my beautiful new business cards had arrived. On Wednesday, I got to interview my favourite local designer, Genette Salgado, for an article for Parlour Magazine. Friday rolled around and I started the weekend with the exciting news that I was given my first paid writing gig! Hooray!

I finally picked up my pass for Western Canada Fashion Week, which is coming up so soon, I'm already contemplating outfits. Sadly, it falls right in the week all of my papers are due, so I will only be able to attend some of the days. But for tonight, I am enjoying one of my last easy nights, and am enjoying a chai latte at my favourite cafe (also nice: the super cute barista (baristo?) that I have a crush on is working... Hahah. Is it safe to mix romance and coffee?). I'm excited to be interviewing the duo behind the pop-up restaurant that happened a couple weekends ago for an online piece for Parlour.

Lastly: Spring!

All images via Fashion Gone Rogue

Monday, March 5, 2012

A brief check-in


Happy Monday! I've had a crazy day today, I had a dreadful morning, but after class I had an interview for an incredible internship that I would lovelovelove to get and I think it was pretty awesome! So today was pretty fantastic!

However, I just looked at my calendar, and it is going to be one INSANE month. I have so much on the go, multiple articles for Parlour, and school's nearing to the end of term. Plus I desperately need a haircut before Western Canada Fashion Week, which is coming up super quick! At this rate I'll have to schedule in when I can blink!

Pretty pictures always make the stress go away! I loved the lighting and soft haziness of these images, so I  had to share them. The full editorial and video, available here, is also lovely, so I recommend checking it out. Please note that there is some (tastefully done) female nudity in the rest of the campaign.

images via fashion gone rogue

Published in: WestEast Magazine
Model: Elena Melnik
Photographer: Paul de Luna
Hair: Martin-Christopher Harper
Makeup: Ingeborg

Curvaceous Chic: March 2012

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